Uncertainty Hangs Over Popular Corkagh Park Market Return

Trevor Gilligan Corkagh Market

Local Clondalkin Councillor Trevor Gilligan has raised his concerns over the uncertainty of the local market “SDCC must publish a date for a return of the Corkagh park. It was noticed on social media that the Tymon park market has returned, yet no date has been set for the Corkagh market. Tymon park started on the 6th of April. It’s fairly clear, succinct and straight to the point. With Corkagh, we have no clarity on the matter. The 1st year was a huge success, with 1000’s in attendance. The 2nd year was a flop. There was an issue with a contractor, by the time SDCC engaged with a new contractor, it was too late. Summer was nearly over. I fear a similar outcome this year. Visitors had arrived, only to find out that the market was cancelled, with no prior warnings. Vendors decided to set up stalls at the popular, electric picnic instead. I understand the reasoning behind this. However, no such issues arose with any of the other markets in SDCC.”

“It’s not good enough, the other markets in SDCC are now up and running, with no date for Corkagh park market. Another point to note, is that due to the Corkagh park upgrades, taking place for the duration of the summer. Both car parks are out of action. This would result in vendors hesitating to get involved. SDCC should have foresaw this. Again, Clondalkin gets left behind. It is my understanding that SDCC will clarify the situation in the next few weeks.” – Stated Cllr Trevor Gilligan PC.

The Council tendered for suitable market operators to operate summer markets in Tymon and Corkagh Parks. The operator for Tymon was ready to put in place the steps to start their event early and therefore Tymon Food and Craft markets will commence this coming Saturday 06/04/24.The Council is still in discussions with a third party who has expressed an interest in offering a series of markets in Corkagh Park over the summer. Further information will follow as soon as details have been agreed.

Pictured: Cllr Trevor Gilligan PC & daughter Chloe at the popular Corkagh Park market.

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