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Tallaght University Hospital in partnership with the Adelaide Health Foundation are launching their second ‘Let’s Talk About’ podcast series. The six part series looks at the brain and how we can mind it and keep it healthy. Weighing in at approximately three pounds or 1.3kgs, the brain is a complex organ, it is mission control for how we move, our senses, thought and reasoning, emotions, memory and really vital functions such as heart rate and breathing.

The six part series can be found on the Hospital YouTube Channel, Podbean and iTunes. Each episode in the series is approximately 15 minutes long and targeted at anyone who wants to learn more about their brain, how they can mind it and most importantly keep it healthy!

“Brain health, is a relatively recent concept in medicine as we realise that there are a number of things that we can do that can improve the health of our brain which can prevent or reduce our risk of developing dementia. Over the six episodes my colleagues cover all of the major aspects of brain health and what we can do to keep our brain healthy,” commented Dr. Paul McElwaine, Consultant Geriatrician and Podcast host for the second podcast series of ‘Let’s Talk About’.

Commenting on the series Niamh Gavin, Chief Executive of the Adelaide Health Foundation said: “I am delighted that the Adelaide Health Foundation were in a position to support this second podcast series from TUH. Like the rest of the body,our brain ages. This podcast series is very accessible and provides many practical suggestions of how we can maintain a healthy brain, while also providing very practical guidance on how we can support loved ones who may have had a stroke or developed dementia. As a listener, the most important thing I learned is that it is never too early, or too late to look after your brain health!”

A brief content guide to each episode is summarised below:

Episode #1 – Let’s talk about the brain and the importance of movement

Physiotherapist Evelyn Kimmage and Professor Seán Kennelly, Consultant Geriatrician look at the importance of movement for brain health. In this episode the contributors discuss the difference between physical activity and exercise. We also learn that it is never too early or too late to get exercise and the positive benefits of exercise for those that are living with dementia.

Episode #2 – Let’s talk about the brain and assistive technology

Occupational Therapist Fiona Tobin and Professor Sean Kennelly, Consultant Geriatrician talk about the role of assistive technology in brain health and in particular dementia and how assistive technology can help.  Assistive technology are devices that we can use to support people to continue to live independently and stay safe at home.  Examples include locator items to help find things that might get lost, or a pill box that prompts you to take medication at the right time. This episode covers the different types of technology that can help at different stages of dementia or with different types of dementia.

Episode #3 – Let’s talk about brain health and reducing the risk of stroke

Professor Rónán Collins, Geriatrician & Stroke Physician talks about stroke, going into some detail about symptoms and signs and what to do when stroke occurs. He goes onto to discuss with Dr. McElwaine the causes of stroke,how we can prevent them developing and how it is never too late to make changes.  He also discusses the recovery process from a stroke and how to support someone after their stroke.   

Episode #4 – Let’s talk about brain health and the role our senses play 

Maria Domsa, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Lisa Sheridan, Speech & Language Therapist talk about the important role our senses play in brain health. How these five senses are controlled by the brain and the importance of protecting these five senses particularly as we age. The episode also covers what to watch out for during the aging process and practical advice on what a person can do to support their senses during the process.

Episode #5– Let’s talk about brain health and living well with dementia  

Dr. Helena Dolphin, Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine and Graham Knight, Clinical Nurse Manager talk about the risk factors associated with dementia and the important things that you can do to bolster the brains ability to protect a person who has dementia. The contributors also talk about the anxiety that can come with a diagnosis of dementia for a person and their loved ones, practical things you can do to help protect the brain and changes you can make to keep a loved one safe.

Episode #6 – Let’s talk about brain health and the importance of a healthy heart

Dr. Aoife Fallon, Consultant Geriatrician and Pauline Boyle, Senior Dietitian talks about the impact the heart has on the brain and how looking after the heart can actually help you to prevent developing Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. The episode is full of very practical advice on what to eat to keep your heart and brain healthy.

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