€60,000 Funding Presented to Awardees at Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards

Recycle IT Awards

Six Dublin based social enterprises including Recycle IT received funding and supports at the Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards today. These social enterprises are actively working to address important issues and achieve societal or environmental impact, rather than maximising profits for owners or shareholders. The issues that the awardee social enterprises are seeking to address include Biodiversity, Sustainability, Unemployment, Low Education Attainment, Diversity, Inclusion, Addiction, Refugee Welfare, Health, Mental Health, Homelessness, Accessibility, Ex-Offender Reintegration and more. As well as addressing these issues, the awardees provide practical help to people who are disadvantaged, distanced from the labour market, or distanced from inclusion in their local communities.

Speaking at the awards, the Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy said “The social enterprises we are celebrating, work with their local communities to address inadequacies, contradictions, and underlying issues. They typically work with and seek to practically help those who are most disadvantaged, those who are particularly far from the labour market or inclusion in their local area. Going forward, these social enterprises and the many other social enterprises in Dublin will help to make our city a better, more inclusive, and sustainable place.”

The six awardees including Recycle IT received funding from a total pool of €60,000 along with various supports which will assist their social enterprises to develop and achieve a greater impact among the individuals and communities that they serve and assist in Dublin city. Each awardee also received a bespoke award trophy which was handmade by House of AKI-NA, a local social enterprise and previous awardee. 

Recycle IT based in Dublin 22 are thrilled to receive this award as it helps support a new recycling initiative targeting apartment dwellers and property management companies with responsibility for apartment complexes. The initiative aims to enhance electrical recycling opportunities and increase the rates of electrical recycling from the residents of apartments in Dublin.

Mary Mac Sweeney, Chair of the Dublin City Social Enterprise Committee and MC at the awards, congratulated the awardees and highlighted the important contribution that they make. “Each of the social enterprise awardees are actively working with and supporting individuals and communities across Dublin city. They are providing tangible services, innovations and opportunities that are much needed.” 

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