South Dublin County Council important information regarding Notices of Termination


South Dublin County Council (SDCC) is aware that households in the area may have received a notice of termination from their landlord and may be unsure about what to do. Anybody who has received a notice of termination and who has no alternative accommodation can contact their local authority. 

SDCC’s first response will be to support households to try to prevent homelessness.

Where a person or household is eligible for social housing:
SDCC will assess the availability of social housing properties, provide advice on applying for Choice Based Lettings (where available), or advise the person or household on the level of Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) they may be eligible to receive. 

In some cases, SDCC will assess if the property in which the tenant currently resides is suitable for acquisition if it is being offered for sale and the owner is interested in selling to the local authority. In prioritising properties for acquisition, consideration will be given to aspects such as cost and value, condition of the property, size and suitability for tenants. If there are social housing units available via the local authority or an Approved Housing Body, allocation to these will also be considered.

Where a person or household is not eligible for social housing: 
SDCC can assess and refer households for the Cost Rental Tenant-in-Situ scheme managed by the Housing Agency and provide advice or direct to appropriate services. 

The Cost Rental Tenant-in-Situ scheme is available for tenants who are not eligible for social housing and are at risk of homelessness. Local authorities are a first point of contact for this scheme, but it is managed by the Housing Agency. Under the scheme the Housing Agency can purchase a property and rent it to the tenant. Local authorities will undertake an initial assessment of the tenant’s circumstances and refer details to the Housing Agency for consideration, where the tenant is at risk of homelessness and the Cost Rental Tenant-in-Situ scheme applies.   

Where a tenant wishes to purchase their home, local authorities can advise and support on the Local Authority Home Loan scheme. We are aware that the Government is examining implementing a ‘right of first refusal’ for tenants to purchase their homes, as well as expanding the First Home shared equity scheme. SDCC will be able to provide more information on these when available.

SDCC would like to assure households that emergency accommodation will be a last resort only, where no other appropriate alternative can be identified. Households in emergency accommodation will be supported to access more permanent accommodation.

SDCC will continue to deal with notice of termination queries and cases as quickly as possible, while taking account of circulars issued by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

Tenants may also wish to contact the Residential Tenancies Board, Threshold or other tenant support services for support and advice on tenant rights. 

Contact information and links for various services below:

If you are a tenant and have been served a valid notice to quit and are aware that your landlord is selling the property please ask your landlord to contact SDCC by email at to discuss options around the possible acquisition of the property by the Council.

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