Lifting of evictions ban causing huge concerns

eviction ban protest

The lifting of the no fault evictions ban by the government is causing “huge concerns in the community” local representatives have claimed. People Before Profit representatives Gino Kenny TD and Councillor Madeleine Johansson made the claims following the lifting of the ban on the 31st March. About 1 000 people attended a rally outside the Dáil on the 1st April calling on the government to reinstate the ban and to take stronger measures against the rising cost of living. New figures from the RTB show that almost 10 000 notices to quit were issued to tenant in the last 6 months of 2022 (Q3- 4 741 and Q4- 4 329).

Gino Kenny TD said: “I’ve had a number of families and individuals contact me in recent weeks because they are facing eviction. Other renters are afraid that they will be next. “We are giving tenants advice on how they can stay in their homes, from checking that their notices are valid to going to the RTB and even possibly over holding. Every tenant will have different circumstances but at this stage we are saying to people that they should stay in their home if they have nowhere else to go. “We are urging anyone with an eviction notice to get in touch with us or other organisations such as Threshold for advice and help.”

Cllr Madeleine Johansson added: “We have been talking to people on the doors in North Clondalkin over the last few weeks and there are huge concerns in the community about evictions. Because of the large number of notices being issued in 2022 almost everyone knows someone who is facing eviction. Others already have family members who are homeless or are couch surfing. “I’m one of the 4 329 households that were issued a notice to quit in Q4 of 2022. On the 3rd April there were only 565 properties available to rent in Dublin and only 174 under €2 000 per month. We, and thousands others, will have nowhere to go. I refuse to volunteer for homelessness and will stay in my home for as long as possible.

“We need South Dublin County Council to allocate additional resources to the processing of the tenant-in-situ scheme to allow as many tenants as possible to stay in their homes. At the moment I have been told that there is a backlog of requests from landlords and tenants for the council to buy properties where tenants have notices to quit.”

Darragh Adelaide commented: “New research shows that 7 out of 10 young adults are considering emigrating. The housing crisis is pushing young people out of the country because they can’t afford to move out of the family home and they see no future in terms of being able to afford their own home. It’s sad to see another generation of young people emigrating because of failed government policies.”

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