QuickTips is taking the lead in pioneering cashless tipping solutions

Quick Tips

South Dublin & Kildare-based QuickTips, founded by Mark Cox and Sean Kelly, is taking the lead in pioneering cashless tipping solutions for the hospitality and service sectors. Their innovative tipping solution is becoming a top-tier solution, transforming the way tips are handled. Co-Founder Mark Cox shares his remarkable journey of turning a conversation piece into a business venture. This involved investigating what a solution might look like, raising capital, securing government investments, and taking the leap into the business full time – all while effectively managing the challenges posed by Mark’s Epilepsy condition.

QuickTips has emerged as a game-changer in the hospitality and service industries. By introducing a cutting-edge cashless tipping solution, they are addressing a critical aspect of the modern customer experience, offering a convenient way for customers to show their appreciation.

Mark shares the story behind the company’s inception. What began as a simple conversation about improving tipping processes soon evolved into a full-fledged business venture. Along the way, QuickTips successfully secured capital investments, including support from government initiatives that recognized the potential of this transformative solution.

Mark Cox’s dedication to QuickTips is even more remarkable considering the personal challenges he faced. Managing his epilepsy while leading the company towards success is a testament to his resilience and determination. His commitment, supported by Co-Founder Sean Kelly, to both his health and the growth of QuickTips serves as an inspiration to us all.

QuickTips, driven by the joint efforts of Mark and Sean is set to redefine the tipping landscape by providing a user-friendly, cashless tipping solution that benefits both service staff and customers alike. This technology-driven approach not only streamlines the tipping process but also enhances the overall service experience. As QuickTips continues to make waves in the industry, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact Mark and Sean will bring to the world of hospitality and service. Keep an eye out for further updates as this remarkable journey unfolds.

To follow QuickTips journey see their instagram on https://instagram.com/quicktips.ie

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