New Recovery Road Cycling Club Established in Clondalkin

Clondalkin Tus Nua

A second Recovery Road Cycling Club, which helps individuals in their recovery journey from addiction, is being established in Clondalkin Tus Nua, a community-based addiction support centre in Clondalkin. This follows on the success of a similar Recovery Road Cycling Club established by Ballymun Youth Action Project in 2021, which has 44 members registered with Cycling Ireland. 

The establishment of the Clubs has been supported by Liam Hogan and Tom Barber of the Addiction Recovery Cycling Group, which provides financial support to acquire road racing bikes and advice and training to prepare the members for road cycling. Each Club has a designated Champion to lead the organisation and oversee its operation. Brian Foley is the Champion at Ballymun Youth Action Project. Jamie Doran is the Champion at Clondalkin Tus Nua. 

The Addiction Recovery Cycling Group has received a commitment of €500,000 from a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous to enable the establishment of the Clubs. It is planned to use this investment to establish up to 18 Recovery Cycling Clubs in a variety of locations. The projects are also hugely supported by Trek Bikes and by Think Bikes, and also by South Dublin County Council and Cycling Ireland .

Commenting on the establishment on the second Club at Clondalkin, Liam Hogan and Tom Barber said “The original idea for using cycling as a help for those recovering from addiction came from Philly MacMahon. We set up this ad hoc Group to make it happen and we are delighted with the progress that has been made from a standing start. Brian Foley has done a tremendous job in building the Ballymun Recovery Road Cycling Club and Jamie Doran will do likewise in Clondalkin. 

Clondalkin Tus Nua

“Club Champions, such as Brian and Jamie, are vital to the success of the initiative. These guys are inspirational. The association with well-established community groups is also key to the success of the endeavour. The partnership with Clondalkin Tus Nua will create a sustainable platform for the Club there which means that it will be well organised and very active.”

Jamie Doran of Clondalkin Tus Nua commented“Clondalkin Tus Nua’s initiative is aimed at increasing our service users’ recovery capital. Cycling has so many important elements of recovery. It promotes mental and emotional well-being, along with the benefits of physical activity. The social element, fun and sense of achievement from cycling will improve our group members’ recovery in each of these areas. We’re delighted to be starting this in Clondalkin and look forward to the benefits what will undoubtedly flow from this.”

Brian Foley of Ballymun Youth Action Project said“As a community response, the Recovery Road Cycling Club encourages the transition of the participant from service recipient to community asset. One of the greatest resources the Recovery Road Cycling Club contributes to the Ballymun community is in the form of its members, the attraction they provide to a lifestyle and the contagion opportunities they offer. People in recovery are role models that challenge stigma, promote recovery and increase hope and optimism that change is indeed possible in a community that can experience high levels of deprivation and challenges with drug use. The transition from a culture of addiction to a culture of recovery is crucial because it changes not only who people spend their time with but also what they do with their time. “We are very grateful to the lads in the Addiction Recovery Cycle Group who have made this happen and for the potential for more Recovery Road Cycling Clubs around the country.”

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