Councillor condemns illegal dumping in Bawnogue

illegal dumping in Bawnogue

Cllr William Carey has condemned the illegal dumping practices of a few, as being selfish and having a total disregard for the community at large. Cllr Carey was speaking after being contacted by distraught residents of Lealand Estate in the Bawnogue area of Clondalkin. He said “Members of Lealand resident’s association have been engaged in community clean ups over the past couple of weeks aimed at collecting loose discarded litter. This is done in an effort to raise the conscience of people towards managing their waste and raising a level of awareness in their environment. However, all this work is being undone by an uncaring few who have latched upon the opportunity to engage in a practice of discarding rubbish at collection points meant to enable the community effort. To make matters worse some rogue builders or contractors have taken to discarding waste at the entrance to the estate and in one case blatant fly-tipping”.

illegal dumping in Bawnogue

Cllr Carey added “At a recent Clondalkin area committee meeting I called for signage to be installed at key locations to try and deter this activity, but this has not happened yet. It would seem that. There are some rogue individuals who think this is an easy way for them to avoid their responsibilities, but I am calling on SDCC to take prosecutions against those who are responsible for the dumping. Cllr Carey continued by saying, I believe there is evidence available with the council of vehicles unloading materials at these spots. I would urge SDCC to use this evidence to prosecute and punish those who flagrantly breaking the law and ensure that heavy fines are issued”.

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