Go the green way this St.Patrick’s Holiday with SDCC’s Cyc-Lok bicycle parking and bike maintenance stations!

Cyc Lok Parking County Hall

South Dublin County Council officially launch two new Cyc-Lok bicycle parking units and three bicycle maintenance stations, this St. Patrick’s holiday as part of an improvement in cycle parking facilities to help keep your bike safe. The Cyc-Lok bicycle lockers are located at Civic Theatre Tallaght and Grange Road Rathfarnham and are now open to the public providing secure bicycle lockers for long or short-term parking. They also have the advantage of being close to the Luas, Tallaght and the 16, 17, 61 and 75 bus routes from Grange Road. Cyc-Lok’s lockers are completely enclosed and protects bikes and belongings from third-party viewing.

Cyc-Lok is pay-as-you-go parking for your bike and prices start at just €1 for one hour, rising to €3 for 12 hours. Each site caters for 12 bicycles at a time and is available 24/7. However, from 13th to 18th March South Dublin County Council is offering a reduced rate of €1 for 12hrs parking as an incentive to encourage more people to go green with their transport choices this St. Patrick’s holiday. All you need to do is use the following code SDCCGREEN1 on the Cyc-Lok App, but remember this offer is on a first come first served basis.

Cllr Vicki Casserly (Mayor of South Dublin County Council) Launches the Cyc-Lok Parking at County Hall, Tallaght. Pic: Ben Ryan

To use the service, you need to download the Cyc-Lok app from Google Play or Apple Store, register your details and choose your preferred site and period of use (from one to 12 hours). Once your booking is confirmed you will then receive a unique four-Digit Pin code. Enter this pin code at the unit Tower and press the ‘tick key’ and a locker will open for your bike and belongings. Shut the locker door and once you return just re-enter the four-Digit Pin Code and press the ‘x-key’ to end your booking. Your locker will then re-open and allow you to collect your bicycle.

Users can also enter and re-enter their locker as many times as they wish during a single booking period, just by entering the unique pin code followed by the ‘tick-key’.

South Dublin County Council has also installed three new bicycle maintenance stations to assist cyclists with necessary on-road repairs to help keep their bicycles safe whilst out on the road. Cyclists can use the maintenance station to pump up their tyres and tighten any loose nuts and bolts. The bicycle maintenance stations are located at: Civic Theatre Tallaght, Grange Road Rathfarnham and the 9th Lock Clondalkin.

Mayor Vicki Casserly, South Dublin County Council says, “South Dublin County Council is delighted to have the Cyc-Lok system and service in place. It will go a long way in preventing and tackling bike theft and cyclists will now have greater peace of mind when parking their bikes using these lockers.”

Mick Mulhern, Director of Services (Land Use, Transportation and Planning), South Dublin County Council says, “I am delighted that South Dublin Council is launching the Cyc-Lok bicycle lockers and bicycle maintenance stand here in Tallaght. The Cyc-Lok bicycle units have been strategically placed to encourage citizens to explore cycling and public transport as part of their daily or leisure commute.”  

Ally Menary, Road Safety Officer, South Dublin County Council says, “having a bicycle in working order is important on two counts: for improved safety and for a more enjoyable cycling experience. I’d like to remind cyclists to give their bicycle a quick check over before they begin their journey and depending on usage, to take time to have a full service done on their bike.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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