Call for improved public transport links for Clondalkin-Rathcoole

Clondalkin Red Cow Luas Access

Labour’s Chris O’Dwyer is calling on the Government to improve public transport in the Clondalkin-Rathcoole area to support workers and local communities. O’Dwyer, who relies on public transport for work said: “Since becoming a Local Area Representative for the Labour Party I have been actively calling for better transport links for the entire Clondalkin-Rathcoole area. During the Covid 19 restrictions when the public transport capacity was reduced to 25% I called for greater frequency of buses and trams as buses were arriving at some stops in Clondalkin already full and trams arrived at Red Cow already full. This had a significant impact on workers trying to get to work, this became a further issue when schools reopened as workers and students were practically in competition with one another for seats. Things have gotten better with the increase to 50% capacity. 

“The provision of public transport on Sunday’s is also a cause of frustration for workers who do not work Monday to Friday. I spoke to a number of healthcare workers who like myself are required to work on Sunday’s and whose shifts often commence at 7.45AM. There is no buses running at that time from any part of Clondalkin-Rathcoole to allow them to get work for that time. Its the same story with the LUAS. 
“Sunday might be the day of rest for some workers but for those working in retail, healthcare, social care and hospitality its just another day. Yet there are no suitable public transport options for those workers who are often faced with no other option but to use taxis. “What we need to see is a complete departure from the idea that no one works on a Sunday, we need buses and trams running from before 7AM and continue on regular intervals throughout the day and evening. This is to support workers commuting to work and those who are using public transport for social purposes. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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