Call for additional Gardai to tackle drug dealing problem

Corkagh Park Flooding

Cllr William Carey has called upon the Minister for Justice to provide additional resources to combat open drug dealing in Corkagh Park in Clondalkin. Cllr Carey was speaking ahead of a recent area committee meeting where he put a motion down to discuss the problem which has escalated since the beginning of the year. According to the local Clondalkin Councillor, open drug dealing has taken hold in South Dublin County Council’s premier recreational centre of Corkagh park. Drug dealers are acting with apparent impunity and with no fear of the consequences. Gardai are known to have made several arrests, but it appears to have had no affect whatsoever on the trade.

Cllr Carey said “This is the worst and most brazen level of dealing I have witnessed since the early 1980’s when open dealing ravaged inner city Dublin”. According to Cllr Carey, a recent operation by An Garda Siochana drove the dealers off the Grand canal greenway but that they have now moved into the heart of the community in Corkagh park and are presenting such a problem that the gardai appear to be struggling to address this now. We need more Gardai on the streets and we need them now said Cllr Carey. If we don’t address this immediately we will be faced with an even bigger problem as young impressionable teenagers see these dealers operate with apparent impunity. Cllr Carey finished by saying he had written to the minister for justice about the problem and has urged her to provide the necessary resources to tackle this current scourge.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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