Young Dog Overlooked Due to Spinal Condition

Dogs Trust Smokey

Dogs Trust, Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity, is looking for a loving home for Smokey, a seven-month-old Mastiff who suffers from a life-limiting condition. Described as a “loveable big softy” by his Canine Carers, Smokey came to the charity’s Rehoming Centre in March 2021 from a Local Authority Dog Pound. His carers noticed issues when he was walking and after veterinary examination it is suspected that he has a spinal condition commonly known as ‘Wobblers Syndrome’ because of the wobbly or clumsy movement that affected dogs usually display.

Smokey Dogs Trust
Dogs Trust have issued an urgent home appeal for Smokey, a seven-month-old Mastiff crossbreed with a life-limiting condition. Sadly, Smokey has been overlooked by potential adopters as his condition could progress quickly over the next few years, but the charity would love him to enjoy as much of that time as possible in a loving home. 07/07/2021 Photograph: ©Fran Veale Please credit Use subject to restrictions: No online use before 08/07/2021 No Repro Fee if published in conjunction with press release No other use without written permission from the photographer. No distribution by third parties.

Vets say his condition, which affects his neck and upper back, could progress quickly over the next few years, although it is unknown how soon this will happen. As the syndrome is often debilitating and dogs can have difficulty walking or standing as it progresses, this means Smokey’s adopters need to be prepared for his life potentially being a lot shorter than the average dog. Dogs Trust is appealing for an extra-special home for Smokey so he can enjoy the time he has in comfort and happiness.

Niamh Curran-Kelly, Veterinary and Welfare Manager, Dogs Trust Ireland said: “Smokey’s condition does not stop him enjoying life. Although his symptoms could progress quite quickly over the next few years, his quality of life is not currently impacted by his medical issues. He is a happy and comfortable dog and deserves to be spoiled in his forever home, for however long that may be.”

Eimear Cassidy. Assistant Manager, Dogs Trust Ireland continued: “Despite his medical condition, Smokey is a giddy and playful dog who loves racing around with other dogs and playing tug with his favourite people. Sadly, but understandably, his condition has been a deterrent to people adopting him. However, we just want him to be happy and loved in a home for the rest of his life. Ideally his home would have a large, secure garden with grass where he can play. Due to his condition, Smokey would be best suited to an adult only family or one with children over 16 years of age.”

Pic Credit: Fran Veale

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