Workers’ Party criticises yoyo lockdowns in favour of Zero Covid


The Workers’ Party has criticised the government for “yoyo lockdowns”, following comments from Tánaiste Leo Varadkar suggesting that rather than adopting a Zero Covid policy, the government will lift some lockdown restrictions as soon as April.

David Gardiner, Workers’ Party representative in Palmerstown-Fonthill, said: “What we’re seeing here is potentially a repeat of the situation before Christmas. The government lifts the lockdown, they tell us that it’s safe to go out, and we end up with high-cases and deaths yet again.” “The government policy of having these yoyo lockdowns isn’t working. It’s leading to high cases, deaths and leaves us in lockdown yet again. For the sake of people’s lives and health both physical and mental, the government should be pursuing a Zero Covid policy.”

“It’s clear by now that the policy of ‘Living With Covid’ isn’t working. Its failure to deal with the virus has led to unnecessary death and suffering throughout society.” “A Zero Covid policy would see a strict, well-enforced but relatively shorter lockdown, as opposed to the inconsistency and uncertainty we have with the current yoyo lockdowns.” “Zero Covid would replace yoyo lockdowns which cause stress and worry to people, it would ensure that the economy can reopen without the uncertainty of just how long people will have their job for this time, and most importantly of all it would save lives.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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