Woman Suffering from Debilitating Condition turns to 3Dental Clondalkin for “Life Changing” Treatment

3 Dental Clondalkin Dentist

Dublin dental practice helps Wexford woman diagnosed with rare genetic condition ‘Nail Patella Syndrome’ which causes her teeth & bones to crumble Wexford woman Bridget Spalding had decided to travel out of the country for dental work after several years enduring constant pain and difficulty eating because of her crumbling teeth. Bridget suffers from Nail Patella Syndrome, a condition that means her finger nails and kneecaps are under-developed. The condition can also lead to problems with connective tissue, bones, kidneys and teeth.

Bridget explained: “It affects almost everything. I had to use a cane for two years, I have had my spine rewired with a metal frame, I have arthritis now and I get a lot of fractures. It affects my finger nails and kneecaps and also caused my teeth to erode. It is a very rare condition in Ireland.”

The mother-of-three, who is originally from Sutton, explained that her front and back teeth simply crumbled in her mouth, causing them to wear down significantly. She had intended to travel abroad for dental work but attended 3Dental for a consultation after being referred by a family friend.

Bridget said: “I wasn’t nervous going to 3Dental, I was more intrigued to see what they would say. The staff were so lovely, and I didn’t feel like I was at the dentist. Niall, who performed my
treatment, is a sweetheart. I was very surprised at how easy it was all going to be – I was imagining months and months of extractions and pain, but it didn’t take that long, and Niall was
able to work with the teeth that I had.”

Dr Niall Vallely, who opened 3Dental with Dr Peter Doherty and Dr Paul O’Connell in 2016, was pleased to perform Bridget’s dental treatment and help make a difference to her daily routine.
The three dentists came together to offer an affordable and accessible service designed to combat the dental tourism trend that was beginning to emerge in Ireland. Dr Vallely said: “Bridget was in some pain because of the previous dental treatments she had tried, and I don’t think she really expected such a great outcome. We did some zirconia bridg work as well as root canal and gum treatments and we used porcelain veneers and crown. Within 8 weeks we managed to give Bridget back her smile and make it much more comfortable for her to eat. Working on cases like this one gives us all here at 3Dental a huge sense of satisfaction and we feel privileged that our clients trust us to make a difference in their lives.”

Bridget added: “This treatment totally transformed my life, on the very first day I left with a set of new temporary teeth and in two months everything was finished – it has been absolutely
great. My son, who lives abroad, didn’t recognise me in a photo I posted online after the dental work was done. I’m so happy that now I get can into photographs and I can smile, whereas
before I wouldn’t, it really has been life-changing.”

3Dental is based on the Naas Road in Dublin and recently opened a second practice on Little Ellen Street in Limerick City Centre. The company employs more than 50 staff members at its Dublin and Limerick clinics and offers a wide range of treatments and affordable dental care. For more details about 3Dental or the treatments available please visit www.3dental.ie.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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