When Life Gets Tough with Brónagh Lyons

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Brónagh Lyons is an inner-leadership coach, author and cofounder of Epic Hearts Club, the low-cost, high-value online coaching hub. Brónagh is passionate to provide incredible coaching content and information to everyone who wants and needs it, regardless of their circumstances. Brónagh is a regular contributor to Newsgroup. 

Sometimes life can get pretty tough.

Curveballs can be thrown at you, plans can be changed, situations happen.

But regardless of what happens we’ve still had to show up, to keep going, to do what needs to be done 

Sometimes a few things have to slip

It only takes a moment for priorities to change rapidly 

In the blink of an eye something that is high on the to-do list can become inconsequential 

Perspective can shift instantly 

That’s life 

Sometimes we need to pivot 

Darwin said it is survival of the fittest 

He did not mean physically fit when he said that, rather, those who are best able to adjust and adapt to change and circumstance will survive 

My point is this:

– sometimes life throws a curveball and priorities change, that’s ok, go with it

– regardless of what is happening in your life right now you have every capability to show up and do what needs to be done, believe in yourself, you’ve got this

– life goes on, elephants keep walking, dogs keep barking, so you’ve got to keep going

To read more from Brónagh see www.bronaghlyons.com

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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