What does COVID mean for my college experience?

griffith college

Inevitably, students facing into the 2020/2021 college experience must recognise that this type of situation is unprecedented. With academic start dates pushed out into late September and early October, it’s unfortunate for the budding new first years whom under ‘normal’ circumstances would be filled with excitement and enthusiasm for their new college experience. This year students will begin their studies 3 weeks later than their 2019 counterparts. Due to uncertainty, students may be feeling worried or stressed over health concerns, mandatory mask wearing measures and the possible lack of social engagement with peers, which this new college experience is likely to deliver.

For the safety of everyone, the Government’s mantra of 2 metre restrictions on campus for students means that the appealing hangouts in the common room in the Student’s Union area or the coffee meeting at 11am between classes, will now be a thing of the past. College’s will have to monitor social gatherings and prevent these situations from arising for the foreseeable future. The post-Covid-19 college experience means that classes, interactions and student support services will be chiefly delivered online. It’s also worth noting that in the past, students availed of a ‘study week’ which would be timetabled for revision purposes, however now with the reassigning of start dates and squeezing the curriculum into a shorter time frame, study week may no longer be an afforded luxury.

Of utmost importance to the college experience is student orientation. College’s will have to demonstrate adaptability and creativity to provide adequate orientation to all students. Typically, first year students only would be the recipients of orientation, but with campus wide changes and restrictions due to Covid, it’s important that all students are kept informed and up to date with new college policies and procedures.

For students attending or hoping to attend Griffith College, our dedicated team of admission officers are available Monday – Friday to answer any of your queries or concerns at 01-415 0400 or admissions@griffith.ie.




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