Vincent Byrne site could be built with just one exit


A dispute over right-of-way in Palmerstown means that the development on the Vincent Byrne site could be left with only one entrance/exit upon completion. The disagreement, according to a report from the Irish Times, is between the developer of the site and Palmerstown RPM, which owns the adjacent Palmerstown Business Park.

Workers’ Party representative David Gardiner has called for the development to be halted on the grounds that the area is lacking in infrastructure. Gardiner said: “This could impact traffic even more negatively than we already expected. If it is found that there is a lack of sufficient right-of-way, the plan would differ significantly and the initial decision to approve it should be overturned.” “The building hasn’t even been finished, and we’re already finding holes in the plan.” “Anybody who drives through or passes by Palmerstown in the mornings won’t need to be reminded how bad traffic is already here. This development already lacks the infrastructure to support this development, so you can imagine what would happen if you try to squeeze all of those extra cars out of one exit.”

“The plan that was approved, although also fundamentally flawed in my opinion, was not the same as what we’re potentially looking at. I’m calling on An Bord Pleanála to overturn their approval due to a serious and evident lack of infrastructure needed to support the development, this being just one example.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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