Update on Plans for the Land on Tree Park Road


Tallaght SDCC Councillor Charlie O’Connor recently queried the plans for the land on Tree Park Road in Kilnamanagh “To ask the Chief Executive to update the Committee on plans for the land on Tree Park Road. Kilnamanagh, close to Kilnamanagh FC pitches; will he appreciate the interest and concerns being expressed”. 

The reply from SDCC entailed the following “There is a plan in place for the development of an integrated constructed wetland on the open space in Kilnamanagh between Treepark Road and the boundary with the M50. This project which is part of the Dublin Urban River LIFE (DURL) Project is currently at the public consultation phase of the Part 8 planning process. A number of presentations have been made in recent months to the area committees regarding this plan for Kilnamanagh and other ICWs planned for other parts of the county. Arising from the planned construction work it is expected that there will be a substantial quantity of surplus soil which will be used to regulate the level of the site which has been used for the holding of bonfires at Halloween. This area will be filled and properly landscaped to bring it to a similar standard as the remainder of the open space and it is hoped that this improvement will act as a deterrent to the holding of bonfires there. The Council’s Public Realm Section gave an undertaking some years ago to construct a footpath around the perimeter of this site and it is intended that this will be done following the construction of the ICW. The Public Realm Section and the DURL project will work together to deliver a coherent design for this area”.  

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

Sarah has worked in marketing and content creation for many years. In her role at Newsgroup, she is the online editor of www.newsgroup.ie with a particular interest in local news and events. Sarah also works closely with our editorial team on our printed editions in Tallaght, Lucan, Clondalkin and Rathcoole/Saggart. If you have a story and would like to make contact please email Sarah at info@newsgroup.ie.


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