Tree Pruning Causing Concern In Clondalkin and Rathfarnham

Tree Pruning Causing Concern ClondalkinRathfarnham

Cllr Sarah Holland has spoken out to allay fears in some neighbourhoods about tree removals.  Tree felling has been a hot topic recently, with rumours abounding that some county councils were removing healthy trees without consultation, with widespread speculation as to the reasons. Cllr Holland said “South Dublin County Council put a lot of research into their tree management policy, which I launched in 2015.  Tree pruning/removal/planting requests are one of the top issues for county councillors. Cllrs. have added to the available budget year-on-year in an effort to manage the some 60,000 trees we have.  The trees have so many benefits for our communities, not least the pleasures of living in leafy suburbs. They also require maintenance.  It’s important to note that trees are only removed if they are dangerous, diseased or blocking services.”

She added; “Rumours and conspiracy theories about trees being removed for insurance reasons or for 5G are spreading a mild panic among householders, especially following photos of a tree cull in another council area.  South Dublin tree crews and staff are qualified tree surgeons and never remove healthy trees for the craic.  The trees in my own estate were pruned last year, and the “baldness” of the street was shocking at first, but we soon got used to it.  The pruning will help the trees reach their full potential.” South Dublin County Council’s “Living With Trees” policy plans for the continuity and renewal of tree stock from 2015 – 2020.  Many areas such as Rathfarnham and Clondalkin have ageing and mature tree populations where tree maintenance is required in order to sustain the health and viability of these trees into the future.

Cllr Holland said “Unfortunately, trees will sometimes have to be removed.  I will be working with other councillors and staff to ensure that replanting is carried out as soon as is practical, using species suitable for growing in estates.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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