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Summer is here and people are out and about. Public parks have seen a massive increase in use since the lockdowns and thanks to our Councils and public, the parks are looking great and increasingly providing additional amenities, but anti-social activity is causing distress in communities.  Councillor Hayes said, 

“Over the past two months there is a noticeable increase in anti-social, dangerous and illegal activity in our parks. In Waterstown Park, the drinking water fountain has been vandalised for the fifth time, the water pump feature in the small children’s sandpit had to be removed, Lifesaving Ringbuoys have been stolen and young trees snapped.” Councillor Hayes has called on Council management and Gardai to work together and implement an immediate plan to curb the anti-social activity. 

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Councillor Hayes said,  “I have written to Gardai and Council management as well as tabling a motion for the June 29th meeting of the Lucan/Palmerstown/North Clondalkin Committee to address the persistent nature of these activities that are negatively impacting on legitimate park users. “Parks in Griffeen, Hermitage, Ballyowen and Waterstown have all seen a rise in anti-social activity, the intimidation of park users by groups of people fighting, drinking alcohol, throwing stones, driving sulkies and generally causing a menace. It is essential that an immediate summer plan is visible to the public to reassure them that action is being taken to keep our park amenities and legitimate users safe from unwanted behaviour. We are told that there is action being taken, but people need to see it and a corresponding reduction in anti-social activity to believe that anything is being done.”

Councillor Hayes is calling on members of the public to notify Gardai when they see illegal activity in our parks, he says “We should be calling our local station or dialling 999 when we see illegal activity taking place. If you come across the after effects and it needs council attention, you should call your local council or log it on www.fixyourstreet.ie”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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