There can be no shortcuts or oiling the hinges in the Vaccination Programme

HSE Clondalkin Tallaght

TD for Dublin South West Seán Crowe has said that it is vitally important that the vaccination programme be as open and transparent as possible, saying that we can’t adopt a mickey mouse, amateur approach. Speaking in the Dáil recently during Questions to the Minister for Health on the vaccine programme, Teachta Crowe said: “The vaccination programme will only work with successful engagement and buy in from the public. The vaccine programme needs to fair, open, transparent, and honest as possible. “Some people have genuine concerns at the speed, safety, and effectiveness of the many vaccines and have worries about possible side effects. 
“We need to respond to their concerns with responsible, accurate and up to date information. “We have seen media reports of non-frontline health care staff and family members receiving vaccines outside of the priority scheduling. “No one wants to see vaccine go to waste but there has to be more accountability and transparency in the process. If indeed there is an extra dose per vial, all hospitals and vaccination centres must be able to account for those extra doses and be prepared to stand over what they do with it “This information will be vital in order to be able to give people their second dose if required. This is an incredibly complex programme with many moving parts.
“My worry is that it has all the hallmarks of ‘It’ll be grand- it will settle down and somehow sort itself out.’ “We can’t adopt a mickey mouse, amateur approach. It has to be logical and precise. There can be no ‘oiling of the hinges’ and taking shortcuts. “Of great concern are the concerted efforts by the few who would sow doubt and fear of the vaccine in the minds of the public. “We must up our game in explaining exactly what is in the vaccine; why it is safe; and why it is necessary. “I have heard anecdotal evidence of some healthcare professionals expressing doubts about the vaccine and even the virus. “COVID-19 is not a flu like virus; ask the families of those fighting for their lives in ICU beds across the country.”  

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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