The Red Line Book Festival and Alayex unleash female creative potential with The Queenship Cypher

Daniella Doyle Red Line

As part of their residency, the Queenship Cypher will lead a five-week programme of workshops which aim to start a revolution in the Irish music industry, creating a sisterhood of creative women and empowering female artists through career expansion, talent showcasing, and artistic development. The sessions will take place from 6-8pm on 21st September, 28th September, 5th October & 12th October with the final performance on the 19th October. The Queenship Cypher launch took place in Tallaght Library on 1st August and is an open invitation for all female creatives aged 18-25, who are interested in being part of the programme to come along to register their interest or simply register here on this link

Spearheaded by visionaries Alicia Esambe and Daniella Doyle, this innovative program is set to redefine the music industry by creating a thriving sisterhood that fosters career expansion, talent showcasing, and artistic development for female artists.  Alayex is a female-led creative agency. Driven by the mission to uplift and amplify the voices of creative women, Alayex is at the forefront of fostering a more inclusive and empowering creative landscape.

The programme aims to attract all aspiring female MCs, producers, songwriters, dancers, and visual artists to showcase their talents. This revolutionary platform serves as a steppingstone for those seeking to turn their musical, movement and visual expressions into a fulfilling career, while forming connections with audiences and fellow female creatives.

The Queenship Cypher emerges as the much-needed representation and collaboration for female rap artists in Ireland. Alicia and Daniella recognised the lack of visibility for female rap artists and the pressure they faced to compete rather than collaborate. In response, they created The Queenship Cypher – a powerful movement that unites creative women under the passion of music and the shared values of respect, love, and humility.

Queenship Cypher facilitator Alicia Esambe said, “We want female artists to be proud and to embody their womanhood. The Queenship Cypher goes beyond being a mere programme, it is an unbreakable sisterhood of creative women united by their passion for art. We believe that together we can rise, support and celebrate each other. We aim to provide women a safe space to break barriers, push their creativity and encourage them to shape the future of music in Ireland.” 

 The development program is curated in four complimentary streams, each lead by industry experts

• Songwriting: Guided by Alicia Raye, an acclaimed artist and music mentor, the songwriting workshop will delve into the heart of lyrical storytelling.

• Music Production: Led by Noise Music mentors, the music production program will help artists to master the art of music production and create inspiring sounds.

• Set Design: Ella Bertilsson, a resident artist at Rua Red, will help artists to elevate their stage presence with mesmerising visual experiences.

• Dance: Under the guidance of Vithoria Escobar, from UMAKOKO Productions, artists will explore the language of movement and how to use it to complement music. 

The Red Line Book Festival is a celebration of all things literary; be it spoken, written or sung! The Red Line Book Festival is an initiative of South Dublin Libraries. The festival seeks to enhance the experience of culturally curious audiences visiting Dublin, offering them an exciting cultural environment in a suburban area of Dublin not normally associated with literary festivals. For more information see

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