The capacity of the Irish Water plant in Leixlip to serve the increase in use is questioned

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Local Cllr. Mark Ward for North Clondalkin/Lucan/Palmerstown has questioned the capacity of the Irish Water plant in Leixlip to serve the increase in use. This comes on the back of the second boil water notice in a couple of weeks which has affected 600,000 people. Cllr Ward is reiterating his previous call to have the water source changed back to Celbridge. Cllr Ward said: “There is confusion, anger and fear amongst people who are currently served by the Leixlip water plant. There have been two boil water notices in a couple of weeks and residents are rightly worried about the quality of water” “Previously my constituency of Clondalkin and Lucan was served by the Ballymore Eustace water plant in Celbridge, this was changed to Leixlip with no consultation with the general public. The Celbridge plant is a soft water supply, whilst Leixlip is hard water. This led to reports from residents of a change in the water quality”

“Electrical appliances such as kettles and washing machines became damaged. Residents reported a change in taste and colour, with particles and grit like substances found in the supply. I had Irish Water test several samples and they reported back that all was fine. This did not stop residents being concerned and some buying bottled water for daily use” “The two recent boil water notices make me question the capacity of the Leixlip plant to supply all the additional homes since this change was made. It also raises questions of governance by Irish Water particularly in the delay in notifying the public during the first scare. Irish Water also reported that the reason for the most recent boil water notice was due to heavy rainfall. We live in Ireland; heavy rain is a regular occurrence. This does not fill me with confidence that this will not happen again.” “I received reports that the Leixlip plant is due a substantial upgrade next year. I argue that this upgrade should have taken place prior to supply being changed from Celbridge. I have also asked that the supply be changed back to Celbridge and that if there are any changes in the future that a full public consultation is carried out”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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