Talk to your kids about Nitrous Oxide


TD for Dublin Mid-West, Deputy Emer Higgins has called on locals to use the HSE’s parent advice resources to speak to their children about drugs such as Nitrous Oxide. The HSE have developed practical advice on for parents who are concerned about new drug trends among young people such as the use of nitrous oxide.

Deputy Higgins said, “For the last couple of years I have been consistently raising my concerns around the increased use of nitrous oxide among young people in the local area. “We’ve all seen the silver bullets littering the local parks and pathways, but besides being a litter issue, Nitrous Oxide can be dangerous and we are seeing growing volumes of these cannisters being seized coming into the country, having been purchased for use as a drug,” said Deputy Higgins.

“I really welcome these resources on for parents in the community to educate themselves about new drug trends and get advice on how to have open conversations with their children about drugs and the associated risks. “For example, many people don’t know that Nitrous oxide can be more dangerous when inhaled directly from a canister, when a number of canisters are used, when used with other substances like alcohol or if the person has an underlying condition particularly a respiratory or mental health condition,” added Deputy Higgins.

“It can also be more dangerous when used beside roads or water due to the effects on coordination and balance and or if used while the brain is still growing which could impact on development. “It’s important to have all this information and I would certainly encourage parents and guardians to check out the parental resources on and to start having open and honest conversations with their children about drugs and the associated risks,” concluded Deputy Higgins.

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