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School’s Liaison Officer at Griffith College Sinéad O’Callaghan considers the most significant changes students can expect to experience as they progress from second to third level education.

“New corridors, new teachers, new classmates, new subjects, new friends and new experiences.” As first years in college, you’ve left behind the old comforts of your favourite teacher or your usual spot to sit and relax at lunch time. Admittedly, it can all be a bit overwhelming. What’s important is knowing that you can reach out for support. There’s the Students Union, the Learning Support Officer in your college or peers in your class who are in the same boat. Small class sizes at Griffith College paired with a supportive network ensures students are guided during the transition from school to college.

Now is the time to embrace responsibility and independence. Lecturers will give you the ‘module outline’ for each of your subjects, this will explain what you will learn in each module that you study. Generally, you will receive a ‘recommended reading list’ for the modules. In school, you may have been accustomed to a daily check in from teachers who regularly kept on top of your workload on your behalf. In contrast, college encourages you to be in control of your own learning. Facilitating you to take ownership for your own studies. Depending on your secondary school experience, this may be one of the biggest changes to adapt to.

Advice would be to focus on developing your transferable skills; time management, personal motivation, organisational skills and personal empowerment. This will ensure that you’re fit, flexible and future focused.




Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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