Talented Kids Performing Arts School and MVW Talent Agency, Ireland will recommence classes from 13th and 14th September 2019 in Scoil Mhuire School Hall, Convent Road, Clondalkin and on 14th September 2019 in Kilcullen Community Centre. Classes are varied and include Singing, Dance, Drama, Modelling and Musical Theatre. All classes are open to boys and girls from aged 3 years up to 18 plus they also have ADULT classes in the Clondalkin venue.

Classes are taught by experienced and qualified professionals. Students of all ages will enjoy their classes which are taught in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, where they will meet new friends, be encouraged to participate and perform in shows, events, tours and competitions. But most importantly they will develop a strong confidence which is needed to get ahead, not only in the world of showbiz but is also an essential tool for life. For more information, please contact Artistic Director and Agent, Maureen V Ward on 087-248 0348 email: mvwtalent@gmail.com.

Or for enrolment forms and term details see www.talentedkidsireland.com and www.maureenvwardtalentagencyireland.com.

The successful MVW Talent Agency represents students of all ages (babies to adults). Students and clients of all ages are featured in productions ranging from Film to Stage. DANCING WITH THE STARS: Johnny Ward made the grand finals of the weekly programme and both he and his dance partner Emily will be one of the 5 featured acts on the Dancing With The Stars live tour this
coming November at the INEC Killarney.

Some of our younger students danced live on the show as part of the Musical Theatre Pro Dance “Mary Poppins” which featured one of our Dance Teachers ‘Shauna Finn’ as Mary Poppins. Feature films have included “BEARDS”, “THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS”(starring Christopher Plummer & Dan Stevens), “THE PROFESSOR & THE MADMAN”(starring Mel Gibson & Sean Penn), “I KILL GIANTS”(starring Zoe Saldana), “DUBLIN OLD SCHOOL”, “DON’T LEAVE HOME”, “METAL HEART” and “MUSE”. Short films including many AWARD WINNING SHORTS “DONT GO” “WRITING HOME”, “TOMATO CAN”, “A NATION HOLDS ITS BREATH”, “HEARTBREAK”, “LILY”, “GRIDLOCK” and MULTI AWARD WINNING “DEEP SHOCK”.

TV Soaps & Series including “FAIR CITY”, RTES BRAND NEW SERIES “DARKLANDS”, BBC’S “LITTLE WOMEN”(starring Angela Lansbury), BBC’S “PAULA”, “REBELLION 2”, CBBC’s “LITTLE ROY”, NUMEROUS RTE JUNIOR PROGRAMMES. Other work has included current TV, radio and web commericals, Animations, Photoshoots, fashion shows, musical theatre productions, variety shows and music videos. The agency has also had Goss.ie, IFTA and Golden Globe category nominated and winning actors and actresses.