Support for ‘Community Resilience Project’ for Balgaddy a very welcome development


Commenting on South Dublin County Council’s support of a ‘Community Resilience Project’ for Balgaddy, local Sinn Féin Councillor Derren Ó Brádaighfor Lucan-Palmerstown-North Clondalkin said: “I very much welcome the announcement by South Dublin County Council to support the residents of Balgaddy by way of what is being described as a ‘Community Resilience Project’.  This comes on foot of a recent motion that I had at the February Area Committee meeting that called for a joined up cross departmental high level task force initiative. The challenges facing the community of Balgaddy are too long to list and everyone understands that a fresh approach is required.

“It is important for me to acknowledge that this development comes on foot of an agreed joint councillor led initiative, that seeks to put the community and needs of its residents ahead of any political point scoring. In this regard, I was happy to work with my council colleagues to raise issues by way of individual motions for remedial works, whilst stressing the urgency for the below human living standards to be prioritised through a combined approach here.

“Be it called a Community Resilience Project or a High-Level Task Force at this juncture, it doesn’t really matter in my opinion. The positives that I take from the Council at this stage is that we are en-route to a working task force group whose aim it will be to address both anti-social problems through the provision of training and services, however this needs to happen in conjunction with a programme of works to address the structural problems with and within the development itself and with the full support of all stakeholders that will be required to effect the necessary changes and improvements.

“The community of Balgaddy are not asking for anything less than equality – to enable all residents to live their lives and raise their children in a place they can proudly call home, but importantly be able to do this with some peace of mind and in a safe environment! This is a worthy and essential project that I personally will commit to working toward and with whomever is willing!

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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