Students’ Union Welcomes News From EUNICAS


In a statement released by EUNICAS on August 1st, it was confirmed that several third-level institutions across Europe will be accepting late results from Irish students, including Lithuania, Italy, Poland and universities across the Netherlands. As well as this, the Ministry for Education in the Hague, has written to all institutions asking them to be flexible with Irish students, and clarifying that there are no legal requirements preventing them from accepting late results.

Speaking on this news, ISSU Uachtarán, Caitlin-Faye Maniti said; “We appreciate the steadfast work that EUNICAS does to protect students’ choice to further and higher education in Europe.

In a way, a sense of security has been achieved, as a result of this announcement over 1000 Irish students have now regained the freedom to be accepted into European universities without that additional stress or fear”

Further to this, ISSU Education Officer, Jack McGinn, said; “the continuous effort EUNICAS have put in to ensure that Irish students are not disadvantaged does not go unnoticed. We know students are anxious about their results and their progression to further and higher education, if they chose to, and today’s decisions will bring clarity to these students.”

EUNICAS is continuing to work tirelessly to seek flexibility from institutions in Romania, Denmark and other countries that are struggling to accommodate the delayed results on behalf of Irish students. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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