Stewarts Service User’s call for pedestrian crossing

Stewarts Service User's call for pedestrian crossing

Cllr Mark Ward welcomed progress for a pedestrian crossing in Palmerstown, close to Stewarts Hospital. The service user’s council of Stewarts attended a recent meeting of the area committee at Cllr Wards invitation when the motion was debated. Cllr Ward said: “I have a long connection with Stewarts, my Aunt Catherine is a long-term resident and my sister Edel also works there. I first met the service users Council last year when I was Mayor and am really impressed with their work” “The service users council meet regular and implement change for the benefit of their members. They debate, they vote and the have a plan of action.” “One of the key initiatives that they feel would really benefit them is the installation of a pedestrian crossing in the village.” “A number of the service users have mobility issues and the service user’s council believe that having a safe place to cross the road will lead to an improved quality of life and more independence.” “I invited members of the service user’s council Caoimhe Mahady and Keith Doyle to yesterdays area committee meeting. I cautiously welcome the Councils response”

“The Council are currently carrying out a traffic and pedestrian count at this location. I advised the Council that the traffic count alone will not justify a crossing but that they need to take in the extenuating needs of the service users in their final decision” “This was agreed, and the Council agreed to carry out research to establish best practice for the provision of crossing facilities relevant to the situation. This research will be brought back to a future meeting and is welcomed” “The service users were happy with the response but indicated that they will be redoubling their efforts in the coming months and I will be supporting them every step of the way”

Pictured: Cllr Mark Ward with Keith Doyle and Caoimhe Mahady of Stewarts Service users Council

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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