Cllr Timmons says ”I am glad to see a date set for the St Cuthbert’s High Level Task Force , it is now nearly a year later from the first meeting , the people living in the area need action and help to reclaim St Cuthbert’s Park in Clondalkin. I believe This park can be reclaimed and be available for use within the community I am glad to hear of Positive movement on the CCTV for the area, This will certainly improve safety in the park. I will continue to work with SDCC and support the development of this local amenity.”

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons
“To ask the Chief Executive for a report update on St Cuthbert’s working group, a date for meeting and an update on cameras for the area?”

St Cuthbert’s High Level Task Force membership includes the following:

*   SDCC Elected Members
*   Oireachtas Members
*   An Garda Síochána
*   Local Safety Forum
*   SDCC  Senior Housing & EWCC personnel

A meeting of this group has been scheduled for Friday 2nd March 2017.
Proposals for the CCTV scheme is progressing, and currently it is becoming part of a community scheme, linked to AGS, and was mentioned at recent February JPC meeting held on 2nd February 2018. In order to install the community system approval from the Garda Commissioner is required and a Project Team comprised of Council staff, members of An Garda Síochána and the Councils CCTV contractor has been established. This group is currently working on the scheme with a view to having it installed as soon as possible, subject to approval being received.