Soya Bean Tofu & Salad by Chef Bal Krishna Shrestha

Tofu Salad Newsgroup Recipes

Preparation time:15 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Serve: 2 person

Tofu Salad Newsgroup Recipes


 250g tofu

¼tsp salt

⅓tsp ground turmeric

⅓tsp ground cumin

⅓tsp ground red chilli

½tsp chopped mint

½tsp soya sauce 

1tbsp rapeseed oil

1tsp lemon juice

1tbsp sliced green beans 

1tbsp sweet corn kernel

4 halved cherry tomatoes

4 halved red radish

 ¼ tsp salt

1small bowl shredded iceberg lettuce

1tbsp rapeseed oil for salad and fry tofu

Tofu Salad Newsgroup Recipes


Slice tofu in small thick rectangular pieces and transfer to a plate.

Marinate tofu with the above spices –  chilli, turmeric, cumin, salt, oil, lemon juice, soya sauce and mint. Cover and leave to the side.

Take a wide salad bowl and add the salad ingredients; iceberg, tomato, radish, green  bean, oil, salt, corn, lemon juice.

Mix gently until they are combined well, cover and leave on side while cooking tofu.

 Heat a non-stick pan with oil and place the marinated tofu. Pan fry in high heat for a minute each side or until crisp and brown.

Place the prepared salad on a plate and add pan-fried tofu on top of the salad and serve.

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