South Dublin County Tourism Strategy – Have Your Say!

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KPMG Future Analytics and Toposophy, on behalf of South Dublin County Council, are currently preparing the next Tourism Strategy for South Dublin County. “The way we interact with the world around us – how we live, the way we work, and how we experience places both old and new – has changed significantly since the turn of the decade”, Associate Director at KPMG Future Analytics James Chilton said. “These changes are no more apparent than in tourism.  The relationship we have with tourism attractions and experiences, both in our area and those afar, are becoming an ever more important part of the way we live our daily lives.” 

Since our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a renewed sense of value in our local areas and what our local area means to us has revitalised many cities, towns, and villages across Ireland. The pride we have in our places, and most importantly our people, is what gives our County its identity and its purpose. Because of this, ensuring the County develops in a way which is inclusive, sustainable and prosperous for all is a key ambition for us in charting the best possible future for our County and its people”, said Ralph McGarry, Administrative Officer with South Dublin County Council’s County Promotion Unit.

As part of this, the Council is looking to hear from people, communities, businesses and visitors of South Dublin County – on what is felt would most benefit the future development of tourism in South Dublin County, for residents, businesses and visitors alike. To do this, KMPG Future Analytics and Toposophy have created a short but engaging online survey for all those interested in the County and its future tourism offering and potential. Completing this survey will provide the Council with invaluable knowledge, information, and ideas on South Dublin County – essential to develop a Tourism Strategy for the County, which is reflective of the views of all locals, visitors and businesses alike, and is representative of the County’s values.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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