South Dublin County Councillors call on Government to extend the ban on evictions


At a special meeting of South Dublin County Council on the 15th June, Councillors have voted by 12 votes to 10 to call upon the government to extend the ban on evictions. Cllr William Carey proposed the motion and seconded by Cllr Derren O’Bradaigh. The special meeting had been called by the Mayor Emma Murphy to clear outstanding motions before the annual general meeting due to be held at the end of the month.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Carey said he was delighted that his motion had been passed and that it sends out a signal to government that the lifting of the eviction ban has been seen as a retrograde step and needs to be overturned. According to Cllr Carey, since the lifting of the ban on April 1st homeless figures have steadily risen to over 12,000. This figure is most likely to grow as the rate of evictions outstrips social housing output across the country.

Cllr Carey added, I believe it is important that we continue to put pressure on the government about tackling the housing crisis across the country. During the debate Cllr Carey pointed to over 7,300 notice to quit (NTQs) that were issued in the second half of 2022, the main body of which were now being executed after falling due since April 1st. Whilst proposing the motion Cllr Carey said “this cannot remain the future for ordinary, hard-working people. From school teachers, to members of the defence forces, health workers and Gardai. All are being brought under the umbrella of being unable to afford a home in an inflated market.

Cllr Carey concluded, It has been the continued failure of successive governments to address the housing need of the people. This has brought us to where we are now.

They have failed to foresee the extent of their lack of investment in social housing and instead backed the greed of speculators and investors who continue to take advantage of that failure.

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