At the members request, Slim With Shar will reopen weigh in Wednesday at the Plaza Hotel from the 5th of September. Sharon has been a slimming world consultant for the last two years and has helped many people reach their dream weight. Sharon said  “We all have one friend we look at and say my God you look amazing and their answer is, I’m in Slimming World”.  Sharon maintains “Slimming World is the only plan that you can actually fill up on and not be hungry with still being able to enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty. There is nothing worse than feeling hungry of trying to lose weight and then giving up but that’s what makes Slimming World so special, eating fabulous family favourite meals like lasagna, shepherds pie, steak & chips, even burger & chips and still lose weight. So if you’re reading this and want to lose weight why not join us,  watch the pounds melt away and be that person that people say my God you look amazing to. All you have to have is the want to lose weight, the plan will do the rest so come along, join and see the amazing meals you can have on plan”.

The group takes place in the Plaza Hotel, Tallaght every Wednesday at 5:30 pm & 7:30pm.

Contact Sharon by phone on 085 7103660 or instagram @slimwithshar_tallaght


Slimming World Tallaght