Shackleton Mills Conversion to a Tourism Destination

Cllr Madeleine Johansson

The old Shackleton Mills in Lucan are currently in a state of disrepair but the site could provide a great tourism and heritage centre for the Lucan area. As part of the South Dublin County Development Plan 2022-2028 a Specific Local Objective has been agreed “To investigate the potential of collaborating with Fingal County Council for the re-use of Shackleton’s Mill as a tourism destination given its location in proximity to Lucan Village”.

The Mills, which were in operation between 1776 until 1998, was the first workplace to lock out workers during the great lockout in 1913. It was also known as the Anna Liffey Mill and it was bought in 2002 by Fingal County Council for the purpose of providing a heritage and tourism centre. Unfortunately, nothing has yet happened with the site. A feasibility study was carried out in 2018 on the possible uses of the site, however at that time Fingal County Council decided that it would be too expensive to develop it.

People Before Profit Councillor Madeleine Johansson, who brought this motion for the Development Plan commented: “I’m delighted to see the Specific Local Objective being inserted in the Development Plan to further investigate the potential of Shackleton Mills as a tourism destination. I think it would be a shame to continue to see the deterioration of the buildings which are in public ownership. Many local people in Lucan have connections to the Mills with family members having worked there.

“It would be the perfect location for a heritage centre in Lucan, and I hope that with its inclusion in the Development Plan it might become reality.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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