Second City – an exciting dystopian romance novel

Chelsea Keogh Second City

During the very first lockdown Chelsea Keogh (24) from Dublin finally had the chance to write her first novel. Chelsea, who has a four year old son finally got the chance to write the book she had been thinking about for a long time. Chelsea added “I am self publishing so I’ve done almost everything by myself. It’s taken me the guts of three years to turn my story into something I can be proud of”. 

Second city Chelsea Keogh

Second City is an exciting dystopian romance novel. It centres around Lara, a young woman who is a bounty hunter.The story follows her as she is blackmailed by a dangerous man in order to save someone she loves. Being born on a man-made island that is impossible to leave is bad. Growing up on said Island as it falls to pieces is worse. That’s life for Lara Miller, a bounty hunter on Golden Island; a place where dreams came to die. When dire circumstances require her to work with Gideon, one of the criminals ruining her Island, the last thing Lara expects is to find herself involved with a man named Roman Black. She has only ever heard stories of him, but nothing prepares her for seeing him in the flesh.

He is arrogant, rude and infuriatingly attractive.

Lara has to infiltrate Roman’s organisation and report back to Gideon, or else. Without much of a choice, Lara gets close to Roman, ready to take him down. Only to realise… spending so much time with him is dangerous in more ways than one. When the time comes will she be able to do what she has to in order to save someone she loves? What will hurt the most when the truth comes out… the betrayal or the aftermath… She must take Roman down, but it’s not that simple. Not anymore.

The novel will be available on the 2nd of June. For more information follow Chelsea on TikTok @secondcitybook or you can pre-order on Amazon. 

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