South Dublin County Public Participation Network (SDCPPN) will be holding their Plenary meeting in the Green Isle Hotel, Clondalkin on Thursday 30th May from 7pm. The meeting provides an opportunity for community groups in South Dublin to catch up on the activities of the PPN over the last 6 months, to help shape the next 6 months and to elect representatives from the community groups to a number of committee positions.

Community groups will know the PPN as an independent umbrella group that brings the community group voice into policy making committees in the County and will be familiar with their emails notifying groups of available funding opportunities. The SDCPPN will be presenting their new initiative *’Linkage Online’ *that will allow groups to contribute their views to the work of the PPN representatives even if they can’t attend a Linkage Group meeting. The SDCPPN are proposing the development of a *Well Being Vision* for the County that will be based entirely on the feedback received from community groups.