SDCC “solution” to overflowing bins calls for proper action not just patch jobs

Rubbish Overflowing Parks

O’Dwyer disappointed with SDCC “solution” to overflowing bins and calls for proper action not just patch jobs. In response to another weekend of phone calls from Clondalkin-Rathcoole residents the Labour Party’s Local Area Representative for the Clondalkin-Rathcoole electoral area, Chris O’Dwyer, is calling on SDCC to act and stop beating around the bush and act to stop overflowing bins in South Dublin Parks. 

O’Dwyer said: “At this stage it is rather embarrassing that I am having to act on this issue over and over again. For the past number of weekends I have been receiving phone calls from residents in Clondalkin, Lucan, Palmerstown and Rathcoole in relation to over flowing bins. This weekend is, sadly no different.  “SDCC attaching a clear plastic bag to bins in parks across the county is not an appropriate solution to overflowing bins. Whilst it does show a certain level of creativity, it confirms my suspicion that the Council is trying to wait out this issue to see if it goes back to normal rather than carrying out an intervention worthy of the name. 

“For the most part the people who have been contacting me are members of Tidy Towns groups who give of their time to keep our villages and towns clear of litter. This action from South Dublin County Council is weak, pitiful and lazy. These bags will not be collected till Monday, this gives those up to no good an opportunity to vandalise them and cause further damage to our local environment.  “The Council is willing to spend money but it seems this is not the case with meaningful interventions to combat litter and illegal dumping. The only solution is to this issue is to increase bin emptying in and around public parks over the course of weekend and not just on bank holiday weekends. I agree that people should be bringing their waste home with them but we need to use a bit of cop on and realise that this is not going to happen in many cases. This issue of course highlights the need for Senator Mark Walls legislation to allow the use of CCTV to combat illegal dumping. Whilst receiving cross party support the Bill seems to be in legislative limbo. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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