SDCC public housing plans cannot keep at pace with rising demand


Low targets combined with emerging trends mean the housing crisis is worsening in South Dublin

Cllr. Charlie O’Connor has said that South Dublin County Council’s housing plans must be urgently reviewed in light of the latest figures on the number of public housing units needed in the area. O’Connor received confirmation recently from the Chief Executive of South Dublin County that some 717 new public housing applications were made in the first 6 months of this year. There are now over 17,000 people including 8,304 children on the public
housing waiting list in the county.

Cllr O’Connor said, “The severe shortage of social and affordable homes in South County Dublin is forcing countless children and families into overcrowded, unsuitable and insecure accommodation. “According to the Council’s schedule I received last December, we were told to expect the delivery of 127 social housing units this year, and just 27 in 2019. “There are already more than 17,000 people on the social housing waiting list in South County Dublin. That means that less than 1% of the public housing that’s urgently required will be provided this year.

“This is made even worse by the fact that a further 717 applications for housing have been received over the past 6 months. The already low rate of public housing construction t cannot possible keep at pace with this level of demand from people in great need of a place to call home. “Sites for future social housing developments should be up for consideration. While quick solutions to the homelessness crisis must be found, it’s crucial that the Council properly engage in meaningful consultation with the public regarding proposed locations for construction. “We may be in the midst of a crisis but we cannot make for the provision of shoddy standard or unsuitable developments either.“The Council’s programme was not designed for or aimed at dealing with another 700 plus applications. It must be reviewed now to incorporate this increase in housing demand in our area.”

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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