South Dublin County Council has launched a new public water fountain located at the Civic Plaza, Tallaght. This is the first of nine public water fountains to be installed in 2019.  Public water fountains are aimed at supporting wellbeing and healthier lifestyle choices, promoting active travel options and encouraging the use of reusable flasks and bottles over single-use plastics. The Public Water Fountains provision are an action of South Dublin County Council’s Climate Change Action Plan 2019 – 2024, also launched recently. The Climate Change Action Plan identifies the main climate risks facing South Dublin County and includes both the Councils’ and the current levels of greenhouse gas emissions across the South Dublin County Council area. It includes four targets for the Council to reach in the coming years; A 33% improvement in the Council’s energy efficiency by 2020, A 40% reduction in the Councils’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, To make Dublin a climate-resilient region, by reducing the impacts of future climate change-related events and To actively engage and inform citizens on climate change.

Through the Climate Change Action Plan, South Dublin County Council has put forward 130 actions that are either ongoing or planned within the Council, under five key areas – Energy and Buildings, Transport, Flood Resilience, Nature-Based Solutions and Resource Management. Additional water fountains will be introduced in the coming weeks at Civic Plaza in Clondalkin, The Triangle in Lucan Village, The Athletics track at Griffeen Valley, Playground in Tymon Park, Rathfarnham Castle, Main Street Rathcoole, Playground in Waterstown Park and Corkagh Park.