SDCC has spent over €14m on cleaning up illegal dumping since 2012

Dumping South Dublin Co Co

TD for Dublin Mid-west Eoin Ó Broin has described as “shocking”, the figures from South Dublin County Council which show that the council hasspent over €14 million since 2012 on the cleaning up of illegal dumping in the constituency. The figures come after Teachta O Broin wrote to SDCC in relation to the ongoing cost of illegal dumping in the constituency, which on average has cost the council €1.6m a year since 2012.  

Teachta O’Broin said: “SDCC has confirmed to me that the council has spent €14.7m since 2012 on cleaning up of illegal dumping in the area. According to the figures the council is spending on average €1.6 million a year cleaning up illegal dumpsites. “This is a huge amount of council money being spent each year on the cleaning up of illegal dumping since the domestic waste collection services were privatised” “These figures show that the concerns that were raised about how the privatisation waste collection would lead to an increase in illegal dumping were legitimate.  “This is money which can be used to fund new astro pitches for clubs and young people of the area as well but also money which can be used to fund other vital services. For example, a half size astro pitch costs in the region of €300,000. 47 pitches could have purchased for the amount that has been spent on cleaning up dumping since 2012.

Similarly, a play space for local children costs around €90,000. 163 plays spaces could have been provided if the council didn’t have to spend huge sums cleaning up dumpsites. “Moves must now be made to investigate how waste management services can be brought back under council control. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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