Scrambler & Quad Bikes Making Life Hell for Residents in Tallaght

Scrambler Bike Dublin

Seán Crowe T.D. has called on Garda Authorities to get tough with the scrambler and quad drivers who are making life hell for residents living in parts of his constituency. Crowe said that constant
noise from the vehicles is interfering with residents sleep, their leisure time and is undermining the quality of resident’s lives.

In one estate in Tymon North, Tallaght local residents claim there are at least 8 active bikes and 2 quad bikes on the go, day and night with many of them owned by the same individuals. The local TD claims it is a growing problem with many estates experiencing an upsurge in activity with football pitches and green spaces being used as race tracks by drivers and is urging parents not to buy these vehicles for their children as Christmas presents

Deputy Seán Crowe said “While many families have been enjoying the warm weather relaxing in their homes there are some of my constituents living through hell with the noise of scramblers and quad bikes on their green spaces and roads in their estate. “The same group of drivers are increasingly out on multiple bikes with some drag racing each other whilst doing acrobatics and wheelies.  Residents say the quad bikes are being driven on two wheels on the roads in the early evenings when there are car owners traveling home from work and while children are still out playing and they believe it is only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured.

“In some estates and parks the scramblers and quads are out every single day, there is literally no break and happening from early in the morning to very late into the night. “They are also driving on roads and on green spaces with no helmets and no insurance and would appear up to now to be immune from prosecution. “I realise it is difficult for the Garda Authorities to seize these bikes and arrest these individuals involved but it cannot be impossible and a tougher overt policing approach is needed.

“Some of the scramblers involved have been monitored weaving in and out of commuters driving through estates with no consideration for people’s safety. They have also been seen racing some of their friends who are driving in cars in their estates. “This is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. It is a policing matter and I am calling on the Garda Authorities to put an end to this criminal behaviour.

“I am also appealing to parents not to be buying these vehicles for Christmas presents as they are a nuisance to neighbours, potentially lethal and have caused fatalities. “Many of the residents who have contacted me are elderly and frightened of the individuals involved.  Many of the ones racing around on these scramblers and quads are not children, and as adults should know better but this element clearly don’t give a damn about their neighbours or their communities.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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