Saggart population under-represented on €300K have your say

Trevor Gilligan Clondalkin

Local Councillor Trevor Gilligan recently commented on the local €300K ‘have your say’ funding for the Saggart area “I welcome the €300K made available by SDCC to the local community. Thanks to the steering group for their hard work getting to this point and look forward to the results in June. The population of Saggart village is significantly smaller than that of Tallaght South. Therefore, Saggart will lose out, as each item is voted on individually. A minimum of €100K-€150K of the €300K should be allocated to Saggart and vice versa. The way things are at the moment, Saggart (or Tallaght) could get zero funding based on their numbers and this is unfair. Alternatively if 10 projects are decided, then at least 3 or 4 should be ring fenced for Saggart / Tallaght”. 

“There must be a separate announcement in Saggart for the Saggart winners, as well as Tallaght. Currently there is only 1 announcement in the Fettercairn Youth and Community Centre in June. Plans must be put in place for an announcement, perhaps in the Saggart Heritage Centre. Of the shortlist of 22, only 5 are Saggart based, I encourage residents to make sure to vote online or in person in the Saggart Heritage Centre. 15th – 28th May, winners announced on the 7th June. Polling Stations Locations – Heritage Centre in Saggart 6pm -9pm on Wednesday 17th May & Wednesday 24th May. Well done to the Saggart residents group for their hard work and dedication to their community”.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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