Saggart heritage at risk of falling into local folklore if there is not immediate investment

Saggart-Rathcoole Brittas Newcastle SDCC

The Labour Party’s Local Area Representative for the Clondalkin-Rathcoole electoral area, Chris O’Dwyer, has called on South Dublin County Council to immediately invest and safeguard Saggarts heritage sites. 

“In the 2016 census Saggart was identified as Ireland’s fastest growing town in Ireland. However, it also possesses a number of sites of historical interest that only dedicated historians and Saggart locals are aware of. Despite having a significant hotel that sees a great deal of local tourism outside of Covid visitors to Saggart miss out on exploring these sites. “Whilst significant improvement has been made in nearby Clondalkin village with regards to the Round Tower visitor centre, local signage for heritage sites and indeed an app centred around the iconic Round Tower, the Council needs to step up and invest in our local heritage sites. 

“The paper for the Proclamation was produced in Saggart, James Connolly used paper from Saggart for the production of his publication ‘The Socialist. Saggarts historical links to the very foundation of the Irish Republic is surely worthy enough to receive significant investment to safeguard, restore and advertise its many varied heritage sites dating back to the  pre-Christian era up to modern times. 
“This investment would support local businesses, attract tourism, provide local employment and put South Dublin’s heritage on the map. We cannot allow these sites to fade into memory and into local folklore or worse be paved over with high-rise developments that will erase all sense of unique character from the area. “A local area plan is needed and Saggarts heritage and its safeguarding should be one of many priorities. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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