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Relax Kids

Lynne Byrne is a Relax Kids Coach based in Dublin and Kildare and she has been running classes through the local libraries, in schools and the community over the last two years.  Lynne commented  “I have worked in Mental Health for several years in a CAMHS environment and while working in mental health I came across Relax Kids and its seven steps to creating calm, confident children”.  Normally, these classes would be face-to-face sessions in small groups but the new lockdown has seen the need to offer these classes virtually and online only.

The Relax Kids Coach added “Back in January I started going online daily on facebook offering tips, positive affirmations and calming exercises to children that they could practice at home with their families.  I finished off each week with a nice calming meditation or visualisation” 

On the Relax Kids facebook page, there are videos demonstrating techniques and shows the work Lynne and her team do, see

Relax Kids is a program which teaches children strategies for managing their emotional well-being. A normal class uses the following 7 step approach: 1. Movement – Warming the body up and waking the sense. 2. Play – Simple games and engaging activities. 3. Stretch – Basic yoga poses helping the children focus and become aware of their bodies. 4. Feel – Massage, either on themselves or in pairs to establish a connection. 5. Breathe – Easy breathing activities to improve self-regulation. 6. Believe – Affirmations where the children talk about themselves in a positive light. and 7. Relax – The children listen to a short meditation or visualisation which helps them become still and calm

Typically, a session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and studies have found them to be beneficial in areas such as concentration, self-esteem, confidence and self-regulation.

Lynne concluded “The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and recent lockdown has meant that children’s health and well-being is more important than it has ever been. My goal with Relax Kids is to give children the tools to manage their emotions and live happier lives both in and out of school. I am currently a facilitator with South Dublin Libraries in Lucan and Clondalkin and have been running classes with them during midterm and will be again at Easter.  These classes are free to the local community. For further information email or see

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