Red Rhino Resilience Award Winning Workshop

Red Rhinos Kickboxing

Local group Red Rhino Kickboxing Club recently won with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland on their new initiative Red Rhino Resilience. This has granted the club a place and support on it’s ideas academy. 

What is “Red Rhino Resilience?” Red Rhino Resilience is a new 6 week award winning workshop that combines positive personal self development techniques coupled with the disciplines and principles associated with traditional Martial arts that aims to promote and reinforce healthy positive physical, mental, emotional and social well-being so that you can become your best self. 

Red Rhino Resilience was developed during the pandemic in response to the overwhelming demand for youth work and mental health services. Karl Flynn and James McGuirk who was Karl’s first ever student of “Red Rhino Kickboxing club” are well known for their work in the community over the years and due to the amount of youth agency referrals and social difficulties they receive, they put heads together and designed a six week workshop where they build people up internally and externally over the course, each week has a theme where they tailor the sessions around a particular cognitive focus eg self awareness, self esteem, self confidence, self enlightenment, self care, self belief coupled with physical martial arts challenges that reinforce mindset strength in these areas. 

Karl commented “We’ve had amazing results so far on our pilot courses with things like school retention, suicide prevention, life choice direction, all in a positive and inspiring ways with both teenagers and adults. The feedback from participants, parents and organisations has been powerful/humbling to say the least, to where we are now seeing past participants come back to mentor new students and progress to a larger social group/activities both in our club and the greater community”.

Karl added “We are very proud of the difference our workshop has been able to make and extremely grateful to social entrepreneurs Ireland for their support on our initiative”. For more information see or facebook ‘Red Rhino Kickboxing Club’. 

Pictured: Pictured left to right James McGuirk, Paige Byrne, Shane Keogh, Evan Freeman & Karl Flynn. 

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