RAMS Visit Kilmaninham Gaol

RAMS Kilmainham Gaol

On the 13th of July 2023 the RAMS set off on our journey to visit the Kilmainham Gaol. After two years of trying to book the KIlmainham Jail visit, 30 members of the Newcastle based group finally got to visit. Tour guide Rosin greeted the members and gave the usual safety guidelines. The building has been so well restored; it was wonderful to see the restoration done by the OPW. Lots of history, and one could even feel the atmosphere of time past.

The 1916 rebellion has a real history at Kilmainham Jail, and Rosin almost brought tears to their older eyes, with her great knowledge of the Joseph Plunkett, and Grace Clifford. Rosin gave them a great experience of the Jail church where they were married, before Joseph Plunkett was executed. A great tour of the courtyard, where more executions took place, and a history story behind all the patriots who were executed there. The tour took almost 90 minutes, and on exiting the building, the RAMS in Rhythm, under the direction of our Musical Director Mr Liam O Donnell, gave a wonderful rendition of Grace.

To keep up the momentum, RAMS also embarked on a trip to Bray, and enjoyed afternoon tea in the Martello Bar, on the seafront. Musical Mr Liam O Donnell, was in true singing voice, as they sang in the Martello bar for the entertainment and joy of all their guests, and not to mention, the passing crowds.

The RAMS are not ones to sit back, so The RAM in Rhythm were singing and fundraising the following Saturday at Avoca, The Gavin Glynn Foundation. The Gavin Glynn Foundation helps families of children battling cancer to travel overseas for treatment not available in Ireland. RAMS will be in recess during August, but The RAMS in Rhythm will still be singing and entertaining during August. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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