RAMS Entertain At St Patrick’s Day Parade

RAMS Entertain At St Patrick's Day Parade

The sun shone brightly on the day as the RAMS in Rhythm, Retired Active men’s Social, performed at the annually parade at the Clondalkin Parade, in celebration of St Patrick’s Day. Their voices were echoed through the streets of Clondalkin as the RAMS did the “warm up” of the parade, by singing for 75 minutes before the start of the parade. It was an honour for the group to be part of such a vibrant and spirited event. The RAMS in Rhythm were invited by Cllr Francis Timmons to participate in the 2024 Clondalkin Parade and were so pleased to sing and entertain the huge crowd, who turned up to hear their music. 12 members performed and to the delight of young and old, with many lilting along at 1.30 pm in the day. Some of our songs were so well received, and the RAMS in Rhythm finished off with wonderful rendition of “Irelands Call”. Ireland Ireland together standing strong. With everyone singing along, and clenched fists in the air.

Pictured were Mayor of SDCC Cllr Alan Edge, Matt Dowling Secretary RAMS, Ciarán Dowling and Michael Baneham. 

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

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