Public bin removal causing increase in illegal dumping

Sarah Holland

Sarah Holland has called on South Dublin County Council to rethink their recent spate of litter bin removals across South Dublin.

She said “I wrote to the council querying the removal of public litter bins in Whitechurch and in Pearse Brothers Park. I was given a very vague answer but a bit of digging revealed that SDCC have removed bins from estates across the county and have no plan to replace them. Residents have reported an increase in litter blowing through estates due to the losses of the bins, and there have been complaints about more dog poo left on the streets or worse – bagged dog poo left to dirty the streets. I raised this with Seán Crowe who had also been in touch with residents across the county.” 

Seán Crowe TD wrote to the council in February regarding the removal of bins in Springfield and in Whitechurch and was told that the bins were removed due to the dumping of domestic waste.

Ms Holland has said that the removal of the bins is counterintuitive, saying “If people can’t afford bin charges and are dumping into public bins, the removal of the bins will not act as a deterrent in any way. In fact, residents have been reporting an increase in litter. I would ask the council to reconsider the installation of bins to help keep our areas tidy.”

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