Plan to Help Protect Pollinators

SDCC Corkagh Park Ben Ryan

South Dublin County Council is proud to announce the launch of its Pollinator Action Plan 2021-2025.  The Pollinator Action Plan is based on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and it sets out a broad range of actions that South Dublin County Council has committed to over the next five years. Currently, in Ireland one-third of our bee species are threatened with extinction. This is because of a drastic reduction in the amount of food and safe nesting sites in our landscapes. The Plan represents the Councils commitment to promoting habitats for pollinators in this county and addressing the rapid decline in our bee populations.  For many years South Dublin County Council has been taking actions to support pollinators on public land. There are over 139 hectares being managed as natural meadows across our parks and there is colourful wildflower planting at focal points within South Dublin County. In 2020 over 290,000 pollinator-friendly bulbs were also planted throughout the county.

The Pollinator Action Plans brings all these actions into one place and will help to promote this initiative.  To support the Pollinator Action Plan launch, South Dublin County Council has also released a video that explains why this work is being undertaken.  The video contains images of parks right across South Dublin County.  In all areas, South Dublin County Council has had huge support from Councillors and the public for pollinator-friendly initiatives.   

Speaking on the launch, Cllr Ed O’Brien, Mayor of South Dublin County, said, “As Mayor of South Dublin County I am very proud to launch the Pollinator Action Plan 2021-2025. For many years South Dublin County Council has been taking actions to support pollinators on public land. We have also been working with local community groups, residents’ associations and schools to help raise awareness of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. Alongside the Council’s work, the community also have a part to play in ensuring the success and positive impact of implementing the actions listed in this plan and we thank them for their ongoing support.”

Pic Credit: Ben Ryan

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